Facing the Facts

So I am either excellent at upkeep of my own blog and online presence…

…or I’m the absolute worst at it.

There is ZERO in between.  Unfortunately, I’d like to mention that this is because my brain so often refuses to settle down, follow the list, and do what it is told.  Instead, it tells me that we are out of milk…at 2AM. It then proceeds to tell me we really should have watched that documentary last night…at 2PM, when I’m supposed to be functioning in my day job like a normal adult. Exhausting.

I’ve always struggled a little with follow through and focus.  I’ve been assessed for ADD and ADHD at least five times, all to no avail.  Instead, I’m just super creative and sort of flighty with most of my daily function items.  It comes with the territory, I guess?

So why am I mentioning this now?  Because it looks like I haven’t done anything on here in months.  Several months in fact, and that is not quite the case.  I’ve added pages, taken on new projects and clients, and have even done some new jobs since the last time I actually posted here.

Additionally, I’m trying some new methods of getting organized and focusing. It’s challenging, but I’m making slow and steady progress.  Thus far, I’m seeing some success, and I’m hoping my regular postings on here and the completion of my novel in 2017 will reflect that.

This is also the time of year where a few interesting things happen for me.  One of which is that I generally slip into a really irritating seasonal funk.  It is one that is managed only through travel, creative outlets, and a lot of time at the gym.  Additionally, this is also the time of year where I reflect and focus in.  With the world in a cold, dark state here in New York, it becomes vital to make goals, make plans, and stick to them before we run out of daylight.  There’s so little of it.

Here’s to more conclusive writing on a more regular schedule with better outcomes for my to-do lists in the coming months!




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