My cat understands, but Netflix judges me.

I’m home today, ill and irritated.  I hate sick days and I take it personally when I have a huge list of things to do and my body refuses outright to cooperate.  I spent the first hour of my day trying to get myself ready to go to work, but was unable to make it more than ten feet without nearly vomiting or actually vomiting. Blood sugar’s fine, huge list of things to do, and I still can’t get it together physically.

Sometimes my type one diabetes forces me to step back when I would much rather jump in, but it seems like my health and well being needs more rest and relaxation today then anything else.  So far I’ve slept a lot,watched a lot of Netflix, and spent some time on social media and Tweeting my #JuneGlamBag from #Ipsy.

I’ve also been visiting with Andrew.   Andrew is my cat.  Between the cat napping on my clean clothes, various text messages from my significant other asking if I’m okay and need anything and Netflix asking if I’m still watching, I still feel like Hell.

But the cat gets it.  He never stresses himself unnecessarily.  He rests when he feels like, eats when he’s hungry and complains.  When he’s sick, he rests and does what he can to make himself feel better.  I need to work on that.  Today, I really just need the rest that being on my couch with the cat can provide.

I also need Netflix to stop asking if I’m STILL watching.  Yes I’m still watching.  I don’t feel well enough to do too much other than that.  Please Netflix, stop judging Andrew and I.  Today we’re just trying to take care of ourselves.

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