In reality, where do I even start?

So much of my day revolves around that question.

Where do I even start?

Today I was in a client meeting, chatting with a gatekeeper, waiting for the client to get off the phone with another sales rep about something entirely different than what I was there for.  On average, according to one of the multiple studies I’ve read recently, business owners see seven different sales people per week. I feel fortunate that this particular client is always kind, always remembers my name and why my sales job is slightly different, and also that her gatekeepers are truly some of the nicest women I’ve ever met.

Today, this particular gatekeeper looked a little frazzled, which is unlike her.  She’s always put together, bustling around this adorable little shop and keeping things up and running while the owner does office work.

Somehow, we got into a discussion about days when you’ve had enough.  I think everyone, male and female, has days where we just don’t feel that we can keep going. Women especially seem to fall into this trap of giving more than we keep for ourselves.  In many ways, for many of us, it becomes a life of service whether that’s what we were looking for or not.

Later, as I was driving the fourty-five minutes to visit with my mother, father, and sister, it occurred to me that this woman barely knows me.  But, in that moment, I was the person who could relate to her the most.  I was the ears she needed; a woman who might understand and wouldn’t judge her for not being able to do it all. I became a friend when she needed to vent.

NO one can do it all, but we often feel as though we have too.  We often think that by admitting that we need help, crying because we’re overwhelmed, or having to say “no” that we are letting down the people that matter to us most.  What we sometimes fail to realize is, by not caring for ourselves, asking for help, or saying “no”, we actually let down the person we should be caring for first: ourselves.

I feel as though I helped.  As if in the moment, this woman needed someone to listen.  She needed someone to understand.  I’ve been overwhelmed, I’ve been pulled in multiple directions, and in that moment, in that shop, I got to share that experience with someone else.

Someone else was struggling with where to start.  Someone else was asking that question, and in some small way it was validating to me that more than one of us doesn’t have all the answers.

Starting this blog, I suppose I’m asking the question again.  “Where do I even start?” I probably should start at the beginning, but it would take a lifetime to go back to then. Maybe with this blog I will simply jump in and hope that I can provide enough information and back story along the way to offer some insight into my imagination, life and education…. in that order.

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